Finesse wedge tips and drills that can avoid heavy shots|inside ball

Finesse Wedge

The cause of heavy finesse wedge shots

This is a drill for those who are struggling your heavy shots up on their approach shots within 30 yards.

First of all, one of the causes of heavy shots is

The club lies down just before impact and attacks the ball from the inside.

We recommend that you take a video of your finesse wedge swing from behind.

Is the club head coming in from the inside?

In fact, the approach with the finesse wedge has a slight outside-in line.

If this club head is lying down and attacking the ball from the inside, the following drill is very useful. 

Inside-ball Drill 



Place the alignment stick at the outside of the ball.

Then, place the ball on the inside and swing back along the alignment stick and swing the finesse wedge so that the club head does not hit the ball on the inside.


If you feel uncomfortable with the ball being too close, you can place it as far away like this.

Not only will this help avoid the heavy shots, but it will also help you swing with a fluffy, floating trajectory because you will be able to maintain the face surface from the outside.