This is the final solution! How to fundamentally fix a shank


I have been struggling with shanks since I started playing golf.

A common pattern is to shank on the approach and then hit the neck with irons and driver, a bad cycle.

I’ve tried various methods to avoid shanks, but while they may temporarily stop the shanks from coming out, they can’t fundamentally solve the problem.

Here are the measures I’ve taken so far.

1.Set the ball on the toe side of the clubface in setup.

It improves temporarily, but the shank soon comes out.

2.Set the ball on the heel side of the clubface.

I’ve seen lessons that tell you to set the ball on the heel side of the clubface, but this has the exact opposite effect. It did not cure the shank.

3.Close the clubface.

Doesn’t work at all. Maybe it’s because I’m a draw hitter by nature. If you are hitting the ball with an open face, this may help a little, but I don’t think it’s a fundamental solution.

I’ve tried all of these things, but they don’t work at all.

Even if it temporarily stops, the shank will appear soon.

However, I don’t have any problems with shanks now.

I don’t even get shanks in a round anymore.

The only solution is this.

Get the right distance from the ball! That’s all!

In my case, I was completely too close to the ball.

By standing farther away from the ball than ever before, I no longer get shanks at all.

Here’s how to measure the proper distance

  • First, address the ball.
  • Release the club and place it on the ground so that the grip is between your feet.
Set up the clubface to the ball

That way, you can place the club head at the ball and the grip between your legs. 

Move away enough so that the grip end is at your heel.

Then, when I had a lot of shanks, my grip would come out about halfway from my heel, which is the proper distance from the ball.

In the past, when I had a lot of shanks, my grip was so close to the ball that it came out about halfway from my heel.

At first, I thought, “That’s too far,” but now I can swing with confidence because if I keep this distance, I won’t shank no matter what I do.

Since the distance to the ball is farther, I naturally address the ball with my hands slightly extended.

If you still feel that you are too far away to hit the ball well, you should bend your knees a little more and be conscious of putting your weight on the ball of your thumb.

If you extend your knees, you will inevitably be closer to the ball due to your body’s structure.

By bending forward a little, you should be able to get closer to the ball.

And perhaps, like me, many amateur golfer’s setup is too close to the ball.

Even when I observe them on the golf course or driving range, most of them set the ball too closely.

You can use the same criteria whether you are addressing with a finesse wedge or an iron.

Please give it a try!