How to fix shanks quickly and drills


When you do the shank hit during your a round of golf, you can not stop easily.

In this article, I will introduce first aid and practice methods.

Shank First Aid Method -Change the line of your sight–

When shanks begin to appear on the course and you can not avoid it, the path of the club head is unconsciously shifted outward.

Since it is unconsciously misaligned, trying to correct this at hand will cause the swing to break down more and more.

An effective way to correct the path of the club head is to “swing by looking inside the ball”.

Swing with a blurred view of this area.

Since the swing path unconsciously becomes a hassle, the shank can be corrected without changing the swing. 

Shank Stop Drill -2-Ball Drill–

In order to permanently eliminate shanks, rather than as a coping mechanism, it is necessary to practice shank eradication.

The practice method is very simple.

Place the ball ahead of the ball like this and swing so that you do not hit the ball ahead of you.

At first, you may hit the ball ahead of you, but if you keep practicing this, you will never hit the ball on the heel side of the clubface.