Why do you hit well on the driving range but not on the course?


There are many people who can hit the ball well on the driving range but not on the course.

About 90% of the time, the reason for this is clearly a misorientation of the address.

The biggest difference between the course and the driving range is the view.

On the driving range, it is easy to find a straight line, but on the course, there is no mat facing straight at the target.

This is the reason for the mistake of your setup direction.

You’re thinking, “No, I found the spat and addressed it straight! Almost 90% of the respondents are facing to the right of the target at the address.

I, too, thought I was facing straight, but in fact, I was facing quite a bit to the right.

In fact, recently, youtubers have been uploading videos of their rounds of golf on Youtube, and when you watch them, you will see that almost every time the address is off from the target.

So, before they hit the ball on Youtube video, you know if their shots are a miss or a good shot.

If they happen to be able to stand up straight, they usually hit it well.

If the direction of address is correct, even if you miss, you will not be far off the target.

When the address is off to the right, if you hit it well, it will push out into the trees, if you don’t like the trees and hit it too far inside, it will be too hard shot, and if you happen to pull it, it will be in the fairway.

For example, at this address, the ball is perfectly facing right in the direction of the trees.

This setup only goes to the right.

It ended up going in the direction of the trees on the right.

This is also an address where the address is in the direction of the right, and if you happen to get a pull shot, it will be on the green.

If you have this habit, you will have to pull the ball to the right quite a bit to make it work, which can easily ruin your score significantly.

None of the pros have this much setup mistake.

Since you don’t notice this on your own, I strongly recommend that you have a video taken from behind you on the actual course to check it out.

You can also try to predict the result from the address orientation on Youtube of the youtubers.

If the setup orientation is misaligned, you will see that 80-90% of the mistakes are happening.