The Truth About Down-blow swing and Hand-first impact


Most of amateur golfers misunderstand the hand-first, down-blow impact.  

I had the same misconception.  

What is important in the down-blow swing is the position of the lead knee and the center of body.  

You can’t get a down-blow by bending your left hand palm down using “The Hanger”. 

The Hanger is not difinitely necessary for true hand-first and downslow impact. 

This hand-first and down-blow position is a must for any controlled shot within 120 yards.  

  • By hitting the ball handfirst and down-blow, you can reduce the variation of the ball from side to side and vertically  
  • No too heavy hit 

So how do you do it?  

Shift your body to the left from address to impact, as shown in this photo. 

The following is the area around impact when the down blow was not made. 

This is not the way to hit a down-blow.  

The position of the center of the body is not overtaking the ball at impact.  

This is not the way to hit a down-blow.  

In order to hit a down-blow, you need to shift to the lead knee side as extreme as this. 

You can take a video using your smart phone to try and see.  

If you are not hitting the ball down-blow, your groin position is not overtaking the ball at impact.  

If your center position is not overtaking the ball, you will not be able to hit a down-blow even if you try to maintain hand palm flexion. 

A good way to practice is to refer to the following. 

A stick is the best tool for down-blow impact not “The Hanger”.

If you can’t stick a stick, click here. 

I can hit the ball down-blow this way!  

It’s a great feeling to be able to turf fly away like a PGA tour pros.