Eliminate the anxiety of short putts! |Mini-game of Putting|North-South-East-West


This mini-game will eliminate your fear of short putts.

Here is a mini-game called North-South-East-West.

Step 1

Prepare four balls and choose an appropriate hole on the putting green.

Step 2

Place four balls in a diagonal line 3 feet from the hole (roughly the length of your putter).

Like this.

The shape you place it appears to be north, south, east, and west.

If you put it this way, the diagonal balls will be on opposite lines to the hole.

If one is up-slope line, the other is down-slope line; if one is left-to-right line, the other is right-to-left one.

Read the green carefully and stroke the diagonal balls against the hole in order.

Take four strokes and keep track of how many times you hole in.

Step 3

Now, place four balls in the same way at a distance of 4 feet and 5 feet from the hole, and putt them.


You have now putted a total of 12 times.

If your goal is to score in the 90s or 80s, you should be able to get the ball in the cup 9 out of 12 times.

If you are aiming for a score in the 70s, you want to get in the cup 10 out of 12 times.