Putting game to match your sense of green reading|Tornado


Here is a game called “Tornado” to train your green reading and mental skills.

Take six tees and choose a suitable cup on the practice green.

Stick the tees about 3 feet from the cup.

From the first tee, stick the tees in a circular motion at intervals of about 2 feet.

It should look something like this.

Then, start at the nearest tee and stroke toward the cup.

Since the tees are pointed in a circle, the slope of the green changes slightly from tee to tee, so you have to adjust the bend.

The goal of this game is to not make any mistakes.

From the first to the third tee, if you miss even once, it’s game over. You have to start all over again.

From the fourth to the sixth tee, you are allowed to make only one mistake.

Keep track of your successes from the first tee to the sixth tee.

You can’t make a mistake, so it’s a game that also trains your mental strength.