Ultimate Japanese putter “the MASDA GOLF STUDIO-2” review


This is a review of the Studio-2 from Japanese local club manufacturer Masuda Golf.


Aiming 5/5 Points 
Touch 5/5 Points
Feel 4/5 Points 

I think that the quality of Japan’s manufacturing industry is superior to other countries in the world, and I truly believe this to be true.

Japanese products are particular about details ultimately, and the efforts made in places that cannot be seen are amazing.

I believe that this leads to good quality.

However, I think there are many products that are losing in the global market because they are not very good at presenting the visible parts (marketing and design) despite their great attention to the invisible parts.

I believe that the quality of Japanese golf clubs should be more recognized around the world.

Masuda Golf is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of golf clubs, and they are very particular about the quality of their products.

Studio-2 Spec 

Face angle Toe balance 
FeelSlightly solid 
Rye angle 72° 

First impression

The shape is a standard pin-type putter, but it feels moderately heavy.

Overall, the putter has the feel of iron cut by a craftsman, which is not the case with putters from major manufacturers.

It’s hard to tell from the picture.

The face is balanced on the toe side of the face, which is a standard pin-shaped putter balance.


The shape of the putter is a standard pin shape putter, but the entire putter conveys a “square” feeling.

This makes it easy to hold the putter square without feeling any difficulty in the head.

Touch and distance feeling

Because of its weight, the head does not shake and it is easy to make a pendulum stroke.

The feel is similar to the Scotty Cameron’s putters, but I feel the Studio-2 is more slightly solid.

I usually use the Scotty Cameron Flowback 5 and the Studio-2 depending on my mood that day, and I can match the touch and distance feeling with the same feeling compared to the Flowback 5.


It is a pin type putter, but it is a very stable stroke putter.

It weighs 563g, and I think the weight is what gives it this stability.

Most putters from major manufacturers these days weigh around 530g, and I honestly wonder why they make them so light.

I wonder why they make them so light.

A certain amount of weight is definitely more stable.

The putter stroke is a pendulum motion, and the ball is hit at the lowest point, so according to the laws of physics, the heavier the putter, the more stable it will be.

You should use heavier putter.

I think Masuda Golf’s commitment to weighting the putter without being influenced by trends is what makes it so special.

Also, as a local club manufacturer, Masuda Golf for fine tuning and customization of the club even after purchase.

I think the flexibility in this area is a big advantage of the local club manufacturers. 

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