THE HANGER is the perfect equipment for mastering laid-off top


Watson Golf’s THE HANGER is a good practice tool if you use it correctly.

First of all, unfortunately, THE HANGER does not teach you hand-first impact.

Hand-first impact on the down-blow is a result of shifting your weight to the left, and you can’t get a hand-first impact with a fixed wrist or palm flexion.

However, if you are using THE HANGER to create a laid-off top, it is a useful tool.

The laid-off top is a great tool to try if you are struggling with pull swing or too hard shot with your distance wedge.

It has the ability to correct a pull draw trajectory to a fade trajectory.

As a result, swinging with a laid-off top should be more accurate.

Also, after all, a laid-off top is cooler than a shaft cross top.

Here’s how to use THE HANGER to make a laid-off top.

First, install THE HANGER in an open position like this.

From the take-back to the top, you don’t need to be particularly conscious of THE HANGER. Or rather, you should not be aware of it.

There are some lessons that tell you to put the ring on your left arm during take back, but if you do this, you will end up “lifting the club”.

It is important to raise the club with your body from take back to the top.

Raise the club with your body, so that the ring of THE HANGER hits the inside of your left arm at the top.

This is how you can create a laid-off top.

Laid-off top

If THE HANGER is mounted openly, it will be laid off this much.

If you wear it square to the club, it will not be laid off.

Now, swing with the awareness that the club raised to the laid-off position will fall straight down the back of your back.

This downswing is imagined to be difficult, but if you lower it like this, it will just come on plane.

After the top, you don’t need to be aware of the hanger.

If you try to be aware of them, you will probably end up hitting the ball out of hand.

Now that you can feel the laid-off top, all you have to do is practice.

The only thing you need to be careful of is being too conscious of THE HANGER.

If you are too conscious of it, you will end up creating a hands-off swing.

This is the reason why I chose it as a disappointing practice tool, but it is good if you use it with care.

It is recommended that you just use it to check the shape of your hands on the laid top.