Basics|Finesse wedge swing

Finesse Wedge

The foundation of the finesse wedge swing is an on-plane swing.

There is a good video on Youtube by Titleist, so I will introduce these basics from there.

First, from the front, the club head path is below.

There is a false lesson that the finesse wedge hits the ball at the lowest point of the club head trajectory, but the club head comes in slightly down blow and exits low after hitting the ball.

At impact, it is a down-blow position with the shaft tilted slightly forward.

Viewed from above, the club enters from the inside slightly and exits to the inside like this.

Swing more to the inside after impact to prevent the head from rising too quickly.

Make the hit on the toe side of the club head.

This is easier to visualize than when the club is open.

There is a good video on Youtube by Titleist that you can refer to (it starts at about the 10 minute mark).

You let your arms relax and feel the gravity of the club as you swing through the air.

All that remains is practice.