Fundamental technique|Finesse wedge set-up

Finesse Wedge

Here are some checkpoints for setting up a finesse wedge.

First, take a look at Justin Thomas’ finesse wedge setup.

JT’s set up


Leave a space of about 2-3 inches between your feet.

Pull the lead foot back slightly to create an open stance.

Shaft angle and ball position

Tilt the shaft at a hands-first angle of about 3 to 7 degrees.

If you have a finesse wedge, you should hold the shaft perpendicular to the ground.

Tiger Woods, Spieth, and other short game greats all have a slight hand-first stance.

Take a stance and place the ball where you set up so that the shaft is tilted 3 to 7 degrees.

It will naturally be 2-3 inches from your trail foot to your lead foot.

Tiger’s set-up
Spieth’s set-up


The grip should be the same as in a normal shot, or slightly weak.


Relax your arms and let them hang from your shoulders.

Cup your lead wrist at the base of your thumb.

It’s a little hard to understand, but this is the cup on your wrist.


Keep both shoulders more parallel to the ground than in a normal shot.

It is impossible to make them perfectly parallel because the lead hand is lower than the trail hand, but try to make them more parallel than in a normal shot.

The parallel shoulders help avoiding too hard shots.


A little more open to the target.

Distance from the ball

The distance between you and the ball should be the distance of the club in your left hand grip.

Many amateurs tend to stand too close to the ball, so be careful.

Far away like this