Improve your golf score using the ultimate record tool

Many professionals say that keeping a golf diary is a good way to improve your golf score, but few amateur golfers actually keep it.

Even golfers who keep records in paper notebooks or notepads on their smartphones may find it difficult to keep track of their records regularly.

Many golfers find it troublesome to keep track of their golf records, so they can not manage them.

We have created the best recording tool for them.

Main Features

Shot Accuracy Analysis for Each Club

You can analyze the accuracy of your clubs. The club settings can be freely changed, so any club setting can be analyzed.

This tool is not limited to 14 clubs, so you can analyze more than 15 clubs.

Shot Type Analysis

You can compare the accuracy of normal shots (N), tee shots (T), distance wedges (D), finesse wedges (D), bunkers (B), and putters (P).

Trajectory Analysis

In addition to the nine trajectories (straight, low straight, high straight, fade, low fade, high fade, draw, low draw, and high draw), the system provides an accuracy comparison between the finesse wedge and putter.

Distance Analysis

Shot accuracy can be analyzed from 1 yard to 300 yards distance, in 10-yard increments.

Monthly Report

Monthly totals by club, shot type, trajectory, and distance are available.

Daily Report

Daily club, shot type, trajectory, and distance totals are also available.

One Club Analysis

If you choose a club, you can also perform a detailed analysis of the club.

Other Benefits

  • Everyone can input data in Excel, so you can input data quickly and easily
  • Comparisons can be made for each club setting. For example, you can change the shaft of your driver and compare the results for each shaft

User Reviews


I spend less money on balls at the driving range because I am able to practice more efficiently.。


This tool has a golf diary function so I know what I was doing when my golf shot was so good!


The numbers allow me to keep track of my level by club, by distance, and by shot type, so I can make the best choices when I go to a round of golf.