How to shot with the open face of your wedge


If you can develop the skill of hitting the face of the wedge open for more than just bunker shots, there are several benefits.

  • You can make subtle distance adjustments with a distance wedge.
  • Ability to hit high balls with a finesse wedge
  • The ability to get out of difficult lies with the left foot down

If you can make good use of the open face wedge shot, you can reduce your round by a few shots, but I think there are many people who are not good at it.

The correct image for hitting the ball is to put it in from the heel side of the club face.

This image.

This club is Titleist SM8 54 S

Through here, you can maximize the use of the groove area of the face.

As the ball travels across the face at an angle, you will be able to use more of the grooves and get more spin than if you use a square face.

You may be a little afraid of shank shot, but if you set up the ball properly and hit the ball with this image, you will not shank.

Don’t worry about the shank, just swing through it!

If you have trouble opening your face and hitting the ball properly, you are most likely swinging with this image.

If the ball is placed in the middle of the face, the ball will go through the non-grooved area on the toe side of the face.

This will result in a weak shot that will lose distance, hit the toe side of the ball and top it, or leave a bad feel in your hand even if you hit it well.

If you hit the ball well, you should be able to see a mark like this on the shot marker.

Practicing with a shot marker will help you visualize it better, so give it a try!