You’ll be great in the bunker! Bunker Setup and Swing


A lot of golfers get the bunker setup and swing wrong.

  • Swing it outside-in
  • Return the face
  • Set up square

These are all wrong.

If you set up and swing this way, you will 100% have no trouble in the bunker.

First, grip the face open.

60 degrees wedge

Open the face of wedge the lens firmly, about 45 degrees.

This will allow you to use the bounce.

Then, turn your entire body about 20% counterclockwise.

Keep your weight on your lead foot and take a more hands-down stance than usual.

This completes the setup.

Now, swing in a normal swing path with an open stance of about 20 degrees.

Do not swing outside-in.

If you want the ball to fly to the target, you need to duff the ball from the neck of the face to the toe.

The ball will now fly to the target.

If you find that the ball comes out to the left of the target, you can correct this by keeping the target line to the right.

That’s all.

Now you can successfully escape from the bunker.